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Derek Ide

Derek Ide’s primary research is focused on how anticolonial and internationalist movements challenged imperialism in the 20th century. His current book project analyzes the commitments that bound Black radicals and Palestinian revolutionaries together in their quest for liberation. It further explores how those alliances were encouraged, shaped, and sometimes even limited by various centers of anticolonial activity during the Cold War.

Derek is currently an IHP / ARC-NCID Postdoctoral Fellow and Affiliate Faculty in the History Department at the University of Michigan. He received his PhD from the University of Houston in 2023. Derek grew up in a working class family from Toledo, Ohio. He received his Master’s in History from the University of Toledo, where he wrote a thesis on the Egyptian communist movement under president Nasser. His work has been published in the Lebanese journal Al-Adab, the Institut du monde arabe’s annual series Araborama, and in the International Journal on Strikes and Social Conflict, among other places. Derek has taught at the University of Toledo, the University of Houston, and was a visiting instructor of History at Miami University (Regionals) before joining the University of Michigan.

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Content by Derek Ide

Plaque à l'entrée du siège du Black Panther Party en Algérie.

The Panthers and Palestine

The Black Panther Party—especially their International Section based in Algiers—embraced the Palestinian cause as part and parcel of their own struggle.