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Behind the Lens: Marching Mothers

Marching Mothers More Photos of the Marching Mothers and their Children African American Parents Walking With Their Children to Segregated School Four mothers accompany sixteen

The Bettmann Archive

The Bettmann Archive is one of the most significant historical photo collections in the world, comprising more than 11 million negatives and prints, spanning the

Afro Newspaper Collection

The Afro-American has crusaded for racial equality and economic advancement for Black Americans since August 13, 1892. John Henry Murphy Sr., a formerly enslaved person who

Clarence Gatson Collection

The Clarence Gatson collection comprises the personal archive of San Francisco photographer Clarence Gatson. From 1975 until his passing in 1992, Gatson served as photographer and production manager for the Sun Reporter, the paper-of-record for the San Francisco Bay Area’s African American community.

Behind the Lens: Workers of the World

A Puzzling Photograph  History sometimes only offers shards of imperfect information.  The original Getty Images caption for this photograph was vague but tantalizing: “At the